TYLER’S Dam That Cancer is the premier fundraising event for Flatwater Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides access to mental health services for those affected by cancer. Since inception, Flatwater has paid for over 46,000 hours of therapy.

This September, Lake Austin will provide the setting for the 12th annual TYLER’S Dam That Cancer, a 21-mile stand-up paddle and party on Monday, September 13, 2021. This year’s event will see a group of determined individuals show their commitment to those impacted by cancer with each paddler raising over $3,000 for Flatwater. Their reward – together they will travel the entire length of Lake Austin, from Mansfield Dam to Tom Miller Dam, testing their mental and physical limits on stand-up paddle boards. Why? To show support for families, friends, and all of those touched by cancer.

Even if you aren’t one of the lucky paddlers in this year’s event, we invite you to join us on September 13th at the Redbud Center for the DTC post-paddle party. The party kicks off at 6PM as the 200 paddleboarders complete their 21-mile, dam-to-dam fundraising paddle. The celebration continues through the evening with a DJ, food/drinks, raffles, giveaways and more. Everyone is invited to come party with us, so spread the word and help make this the biggest year yet. Want VIP treatment? A donation of $200 or more will get you VIP status (complimentary food & drinks) at the party.
To learn more about the mission of Flatwater Foundation, please visit FlatwaterFoundation.org

TYLER’S Dam That Cancer is the premier fundraising event for Flatwater Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides access to mental health services for those in need affected by cancer. The 11th annual 21 mile paddle took place on Monday, October 5th and raised over $838,000 for Flatwater! To date, the event has raised over $4,900,000 in support of families touched by a cancer diagnosis. While this year’s event was a little different, the mission was stronger than ever. Some paddlers chose to go virtual and complete the challenge on their own, while others paddled in small groups, with distance between them and determination in their hearts. This year’s efforts will enable over 11,500 hours of therapy for families in need touched by a cancer diagnosis. To learn more about the mission of Flatwater Foundation, please visit FlatwaterFoundation.org.

Katie Joyce

Raised: $21,808

Steve Dombek

Raised: $16,597

Amalia Anwar

Raised: $10,988

Michael Coelho

Raised: $6,053

Stephen Popper

Raised: $5,834

Byron Berkus

Raised: $5,166

Brandon Gredler

Raised: $4,027

John Eitel

Raised: $4,017

Josh Rickel

Raised: $3,962

Joe Thweatt

Raised: $3,897

Andrew Ice

Raised: $3,824

Tom Demko

Raised: $3,750

Jason Carrier

Raised: $3,718

Michael Leary

Raised: $3,673

Veterans Fighting Cancer

Raised: $3,223

Callie Atkins

Raised: $3,157

Britt Peterson

Raised: $3,156

Jake Adler

Raised: $3,069

Thi Vo

Raised: $2,827

Patrick Eitel

Raised: $2,818

Katie Castellano

Raised: $2,809

Garret Toombs

Raised: $2,615

Kristopher Voorhees

Raised: $2,501

Wendy Carnegie

Raised: $2,464

Amy Etten

Raised: $2,457

Mandy Hunziker

Raised: $2,368

Ashley Sirmans

Raised: $2,361

Anthony Galbreath

Raised: $2,269

Dave Snyder

Raised: $2,189

Andrew Denny

Raised: $2,146

Lindsey Hollingsworth

Raised: $2,111

Ryan Ohls

Raised: $2,042

Nathaniel Taylor

Raised: $2,017

Becki Breyfogle

Raised: $1,990

Jenna Krackenberger

Raised: $1,980

Emma Stephens

Raised: $1,967

Jeff Yorio

Raised: $1,954

Heather Crawford

Raised: $1,928

cade cauley

Raised: $1,812

Dan Barnes

Raised: $1,782

Irene Hidalgo

Raised: $1,767

Nicole Andreas

Raised: $1,765

Megan Parsons

Raised: $1,735

Rory Diller

Raised: $1,677

Sarah Broyles

Raised: $1,634

John Seel

Raised: $1,615

Kendall Sweetapple

Raised: $1,563

Jessica Lombardi

Raised: $1,547

Sean Whitehead

Raised: $1,386

Cinco Coates

Raised: $1,329

Jessica Estrada

Raised: $1,318

Sarah Jones

Raised: $1,318

Morgan Olson

Raised: $1,280

Chiara Adin

Raised: $1,276

Phil Davies

Raised: $1,250

Rob Koenig

Raised: $1,220

Tobin Griser

Raised: $1,209

Dane Shaw

Raised: $1,198

Denise Barnes

Raised: $1,181

Drew Evans

Raised: $1,136

Don Anderson

Raised: $1,094

Caroline Patterson

Raised: $1,093

Taylor Owens

Raised: $1,089

Jon Aleshire

Raised: $1,042

Sondra Saenz

Raised: $1,000

Teresa Shanahan

Raised: $988

Mackenzie Begley

Raised: $980

Kelly Ploshay

Raised: $979

Juliet Urushima Bluet SUP

Raised: $968

Erin Chambers

Raised: $937

Caylin Mothersbaugh

Raised: $893

Jon Chambers

Raised: $877

Santiago Enciso

Raised: $854

Jamie Brannagan

Raised: $834

TJ Turner

Raised: $813

Joe Sanchez

Raised: $729

Lindsey Spadier

Raised: $729

Riley Miller

Raised: $683

Cara Williams

Raised: $651

Savannah's Dam that Cancer Page!

Raised: $636

Chris Sharp

Raised: $634

Tyson Brower

Raised: $578

Cody Hale

Raised: $573

Kellen O'Connor

Raised: $569

Tom Engwall

Raised: $531

Rey Madolora

Raised: $521

David Tremblay

Raised: $521

Cord Dover

Raised: $521

Ben Hansen

Raised: $521

Lateef Johnson

Raised: $511

Rachel Fortuna

Raised: $508

Daniel Glenn

Raised: $500

Matt Udvari

Raised: $498

Darren Weiss

Raised: $469

Nick Hamilton

Raised: $469

Hong Nga Nguyen

Raised: $464

Ella Matchett

Raised: $458

Erin Hood

Raised: $443

Kim Gutierrez

Raised: $406

Chelsea Hardee

Raised: $388

Noah Harrington

Raised: $377

Ramon Ascue

Raised: $369

Alvaro Lopez

Raised: $339

Elizabeth Alcocer

Raised: $313

Beth Siegan

Raised: $311

Dustin Ellis

Raised: $287

Jenny Quick & Michelle Gilliland

Raised: $287

Rebekkah Schear

Raised: $261

Chandler Abbott

Raised: $261

Allison Webster

Raised: $261

Rob Janney

Raised: $261

Austen Trimble

Raised: $234

Donna Gacke

Raised: $234

Daniel Urdialez

Raised: $234

Tyler's DAM That Cancer 2021

Raised: $230

Kristopher kepler

Raised: $208

Ryan Poole

Raised: $203

Matt Grow

Raised: $175

John Hessinger

Raised: $156

Andrew Shaw

Raised: $156

Larry Covert

Raised: $130

Johnny Vaquiz

Raised: $115

Russell Thomman

Raised: $104

Katie Hastings

Raised: $104

Mark Berthiaume

Raised: $104

Dirk Ballast

Raised: $104

Rebekah Hughes

Raised: $104

Kristene Edwards

Raised: $104

Joshua May

Raised: $104

Peter Ching

Raised: $100

Joshua Whitcraft

Raised: $100

Janan Miller

Raised: $78

Fernando Sanchez

Raised: $78

Carey Kepler

Raised: $52

Chad Womack

Raised: $11

Brad Womack

Raised: $11

Mark Garza

Raised: $0

Lisa Hughes Gonzales

Raised: $0

Zach Steen

Raised: $0

Trey Hardee

Raised: $0

Haggai Eshed

Raised: $0

Conner Erwin

Raised: $0

Cole Bland

Raised: $0

Jaime Solis

Raised: $0

Kat Barclay

Raised: $0

Scott Shepard

Raised: $0

Michele Strain

Raised: $0

Robert Fletcher

Raised: $0

Jeremy Thiel

Raised: $0

Matt Lutz

Raised: $0

Dan Haxel

Raised: $0

Jeff Ridgeway

Raised: $0

Rob Pickett

Raised: $0

Bianca E

Raised: $0

Mike Siegel

Raised: $0

Michael Harrell

Raised: $0

Jay Daily

Raised: $0

B.K. Newsom

Raised: $0

Jen Anderson

Raised: $0

Trey Coulter

Raised: $0

Mahbuba Rahman

Raised: $0

Carolyn Betts

Raised: $0

Heather Reuter

Raised: $0

Ryan Frey

Raised: $0

diana alcala

Raised: $0

Edith Salazar

Raised: $0

Rachel Coulter

Raised: $0

Richard Garza

Raised: $0

Jana Pickett

Raised: $0

Paul Ballast

Raised: $0

Michael STIX Tashnick

Raised: $0

Kelley Murphy

Raised: $0

James Rudnicki

Raised: $0

Greg Guest

Raised: $0

David Perez

Raised: $0

Garrett Key

Raised: $0

Mike Herman

Raised: $0

Alex Earle

Raised: $0

Eric Giesler

Raised: $0

Parker Hudson

Raised: $0

Daniel Moreno

Raised: $0

Justin Blumoff

Raised: $0

Brian Wood

Raised: $0

Roel Garcia

Raised: $0

Brendan Healy

Raised: $0

Tina Chambers

Raised: $0

Joseph O'Bell

Raised: $0

Brett Conrad

Raised: $0

Bryan Crail

Raised: $0

Troy Taylor

Raised: $0

Daniel Canizales

Raised: $0

Zac Martinsen

Raised: $0

Evan Stinson

Raised: $0